Cultural tours


Our aim is to create unique experiences regarding cultural, food, wine and family tours. We have a team of dedicated and experienced travel experts who will design the perfect cultural tour for you in Kos. You don’t have to worry about museums and closed buildings. The whole island is an outdoor museum. You will be able to see beautiful B.C. ruins of old cities, hike to the most beautiful side of the island and get the vibes of the a true islander with our customized tours.


  • Unique Experiences
    • Collect extravaganza moments.
    • Explore unknown paths.
  • Like A Local
    • We will try to give you the experience of being a local in Kos. You’ll see what locals like and eat where locals eat.
    • You will be able to explore all the local gems that you wouldn’t find in plain sight.
  • Our Team
    • We are dedicated and experienced travelers who will design the perfect tour for you in Kos.