Therma Hot Springs

The most unique and unforgettable experience!

Millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate movement created this remarkable spot of the island, we now call ‘Therma’. In Greek, the word ‘therma’ means ‘hot/warm baths’ and it is these baths, or otherwise ‘hot springs’, that make this beach a must to visit!

You will not only be amazed by the surrounding scenery, a mixture of rocks, black pebbles and steep slopes, but by the water of the hot springs that fluctuates between 30 to 50 degrees depending on the spot you’re soaking in. The waters are known to have healing properties, acting as a natural therapy for our bodies, containing calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and sodium. This mixture of ingredients is known to be paramount in curing skin and rheumatic diseases, and also arthritis. The thermal springs are surrounded by rocks, creating a small pool, to keep the hot waters in, but to also allow the surrounding sea water to cool it down as needed.


Local Tip: Many locals choose to visit Therma at night, where one can see the most magical sky! Due to its location the only source of light is the abundance of stars above, a truly breathtaking view!

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